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JavaScript vs jQuery: A Quick Overview and Comparison.

Gaurav Chaudhary

Sr. Business Analyst at Luce & Morker
Gaurav Chaudhary is co-founder and Sr. Business Analyst at Luce & Morker.

Introduction JavaScript and jQuery both starts with the alphabet ‘J’, yet they are different in many ways as they are similar. Many developers want to know the difference between JavaScript and jQuery, if one is better than the other in some ways and which one should they use in their projects. JavaScript: JavaScript (JS) is

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Beginners Guide to Popular Design Patterns for Web Developers

Anwar Javed

Lead Software Architect at Luce & Morker
Responsible for early application architecture design, approval at points during development, and approval before production launch. Provide leadership and subject matter expertise in the development of the solution and appropriate components to meet the customer’s needs, and will include recognition of end to end components, from the appropriate hardware needed to support the solution, the database solution design, data management and reporting
solutions as well as security and performance optimizations. Maintains knowledge of current and emerging trends in the industry, including all relevant areas of information systems that might be incorporated as new technologies into future systems.

This is the third in a series of blog posts, we are doing on Building Enterprise Framework for .NET based Web Application. Our first three iteration of framework was not using any design patterns, modules were dependent on each other and it was very hard to update any module without breaking any dependent module. I

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