Website Design

Luce & Morker provide professional website design, development and maintenance services for all business as well as individuals needs. Our skilled web designers and developers make sure that uniqueness of our client reflects in the design created for them. Instead of using templates we create fresh and unique web design for our clients that are tailor made to suit their requirements. And another important thing is that all these features are delivered to our clients at a very affordable price. We use the best designing and development tools in the market so that our client get that extra bit of edge over others and their website looks and feels great. iSilver Labs has a large pool of resources and the required business and technical expertise to develop websites of any complexity.

Professional Web Design


With the help of modern design tools our designers create appealing, modern and professional designs that highlight your uniqueness and let you stand out from the crowd. Our designs combine:

  • Appealing and professional style
  • Consistent overall layout
  • Consistent corporate identity
  • Colors compatibility
  • Rational space usage

Irrespective of the website’s functional complexity we aim at keeping interfaces simple and easy-to-use. We pay attention to various aspects to ensure positive user experience:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Intuitive navigational schemes
  • AJAX-powered interactivity
  • Task-oriented workflow
  • Accessibility standards

The journey of the website being conceptualized, designed and published has many steps, like:

  • The layout of the website is created from the scratch using professional and top notch tool like Photoshop.
  • Different elements of the site like graphics, banners, logo and animations are then created using Photoshop, Flash and other tools.
  • These individual elements are then put together using tools like Dreamweaver and Visual Studio.
  • The programming part of the site is done using standardized programming languages like HTML, XHTML, ASP.NET, CSS2 to name a few.
  • The website when completed is then uploaded to the desired server from where it can be served to its audience.